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AboutJay Ankur Bansal

Jay Ankur Bansal was born in Worcester, Massachusetts but grew up in the Phoenix area. Jay Ankur Bansal’s father is a retired pediatrician and mother a homemaker. Jay Ankur Bansal attended Marcos de Niza High School in Tempe, Arizona and graduated in 1988. Mr. Bansal graduated second in his class out of 450 students. He then attended the University of California, Berkeley and graduated in 1991. Jay Ankur Bansal graduated with honors with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. He then went straight to law school at the University of Michigan Law School from 1991 to 1994.

After graduating from law school in May 1994, Jay Ankur Bansal came to Arizona and passed the bar in July 1994. Lawyer Jay Ankur Bansal then worked for a prestigious law firm in Phoenix for a year gaining valuable litigation experience. Mr. Bansal then ventured out and opened his own law practice in October 1995 in Tempe, Arizona. Lawyer Jay Ankur Bansal’s practice started with a broad range of handling business legal matters, immigration matters, and civil litigation. Mr. Bansal ultimately focused and limited my law practice to handling the plaintiff’s personal injury law.

Jay Ankur Bansal has always been business-minded and invested and participated in several business ventures. Several of these have been medical related.

In the late 1990s lawyer, Jay Ankur Bansal started a free-standing open MRI clinic in Gilbert, Arizona. This involved starting a new business from the ground-up. Mr. Bansal negotiated the lease from the shopping center, entered into contracts with health insurance companies, hired staff, purchased an MRI machine, and handled all aspects of its operations. During the time the MRI center was open, PET imaging was a new technology whose primary use was to detect cancer. Jay Ankur Bansal started the first non-hospital based PET imaging center in all of Arizona and was located in Tempe.

For over 10 years, Jay Ankur Bansal has been very active in investing and managing medical finance companies. Mr. Bansal and his associates seek to fund medical care for those who have been seriously injured in automobile accidents and are without medical insurance. They provide a network of qualified medical providers and finance the patient’s medical treatment and wait for recovery from their personal injury settlement.

In the past 5 years, Jay Ankur Bansal has started up two medical software companies. One involves coordinating transportation for patients who are in hospitals and need to be transported to other facilities. Their software greatly increases a hospital’s efficiency while providing substantial patient satisfaction. The second software creates 3D volumetrically stacked MRI renderings. This is instrumental for patients to be able to make healthcare decisions as well as act as a litigation tool in personal injury cases. Several other investments Mr. Bansal has been involved with include real estate projects and small businesses.

In 2004, Jay Ankur Bansal purchased 12 gas station and convenience store properties in the greater Phoenix area. This was a substantial real estate and business acquisition. Mr. Bansal sold several of the locations within a year but still continues to own and operate 6 locations to this day. This experience has taught Mr. Bansal quite a bit about all aspects of the business.

Jay Ankur Bansal has invested in several real estate projects in Texas, California, and Arizona. These range from hotel properties to condos to apartment complexes. Each project has been quite different than the rest and Mr. Bansal continues to attempt to broaden his horizons.

Jay Ankur Bansal also owns and operates an auto body repair shop in Tucson, Arizona. This experience has taught Mr. Bansal as much as any other business he has been involved with.

Mr. Bansal looks forward to further challenges and projects to take on.

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