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Monthly Archives: December 2019

Midwest Medical Services, LLC Reaches a Groundbreaking $10 Million in Medical Funding for Clients According to Jay Bansal

Businessman Jay A. Bansal is mostly known for his real estate projects and gas station and convenience store ownership in Phoenix, AZ. However, this former attorney decided to combine his legal experience and love for business to help people. His company, Midwest Medical Services, has raised over $10 million in medical funding to help clients receive medical attention while they wait for […]

Jay Ankur Bansal Talks About His New Property Creekwood Village in Collaboration with Ashford Communities

Phoenix businessman Jay Ankur Bansal announced his latest real estate collaboration with Ashford Communities. Before he began his partnership with Ashford Communities, Jay A. Bansal worked on real estate projects of his own, which included hotel and apartment projects. The collaboration with Ashford Communities, a real estate company in Houston known for its excellent multi-family property management, provided him […]